Davis, RDMS

Mock Registry: Adult Echo, 2017

The workbook and mock exams from your website was very informative. The test writing and clip images were excellent. Everything was very clear and laid out well. Excellent job. Thank you for helping me pass my registry!


Anderson, RDMS

Mock Registry: Abdomen, 2017

I saw questions on the mock exams that were very similar to the registry examination! I previously failed the vascular exam by 1 point, and the OB/Gyn exam by 5 points. Although I feel quite comfortable with the material, and use it in the clinical setting regularly... I struggled with the actual tests. I am convinced that your 4 practice tests helped me to succeed with the Abdomen registry. I will definitely use your materiel to study for my vascular exam.


Gubler, RDMS

Mock Registry: OB GYN, 2018

I could not have chosen better study materiel. I used you for the OB/Gyn and passed with flying colors. I used {another review product} recently for my abdomen and failed. I was quite disappointed as I was making 90's on my mock exams consistently. When I got into the test there were many questions that I had not even seen on their study guide or questions. I came home after the test and signed up for your great review. Going through your study guide, everything was on there. I have spread the word to many other techs and will continue to use your great service from now on!


Connor , ARDMS

Mock Registry: Vascular, 2018

I loved all the pictures im more a visual learner so this helped me tremendously. The mock exams where organized so similar to ardms in the amount of questions and time which help me gain confidence in myself and manage my time better. The workbook was definitely worth buying and I highly recommend everyone purchasing.


Clark, RDMS

Mock Registry: Breast, 2018

The practice exam questions were exactly like they were on the registry. It was just like taking the actual ARDMS exam! It hit all the areas needed for the exam and help to let me know where I needed improvement. I thought the website and questions were spot on. Some of the questions I encountered were even more difficult than the questions on the actual exam, which I felt really helped me prepare. I have already recommended this website to a few of my co-workers with ARDMS exams coming up.


Johnson, RDMS

Mock Registry: OB GYN, 2018

I feel that the website was very clear and easy to understand. I will definitely be using this website again for the rest of my state boards! They questions made you think and were set up very similar to how my questions were set up on my OB/GYNE boards. It was definitely worth the money and I will spread the word on how it really helped me!


Beacham, RCS

Mock Registry: Adult Echo and SPI, 2018

All questions were great in preparing me for the exam. I really enjoyed these lessons and I know that I would NOT have passed without this course. Highly recommend this course to prepare for the registry.


Lynn, RDMS

 Mock Registry: Abdomen, 2018

The pictures were great and the relation of organ and pathology and symptoms were also very helpful. Great site!!


Carter, RDMS

 Mock Registry: OB GYN, 2018

I think that your site covered all of the important topics. The mock questions with answers area helped me the most. I like how your site looks and feel that it is user friendly.


Blade, RDCS

Mock Registry: Adult Echo, 2018

Very good questions, includes video which helps a lot…Clear presentation of questions on related topics to echocardiography.


Lane, RDCS

Mock Registry: SPI, 2018

Could not ask for better study material! Physics was beyond difficult to understand until I used the workbook and mock exams from this site! Thanks again!

Smallwood, RDCS

Mock Registry: SPI, 2018

The best site for study material hands down! I will definitely use this study material for my echo boards!

Small, RDCS

Mock Registry: Echocardiography Training Program, 2019

I purchased the echocardiography training program and as a result I was hired as an echo student even before I graduated! After using the echo study material, I passed my echo boards with a super high score! My skills escalated very quickly and helped me become very competent in echocardiography. I will definitely use these guys for my vascular and my peds boards.